Thursday, April 4, 2013

Laws of Nature

Tonight, I stand amazing at God's amazing plan.  I look at how the world works together and wonder how it is that people don't believe in God.  It seems impossible to me that these things were all created by chance.

This evening I watched a documentary on The Star of Bethlehem (Check it our here).  I was totally blown away at the fact that God could have ordained not only the birth of Christ, but his Death from the beginning of time.  I was totally amazed at God's plan.  It completely reminds me that NOTHING is out of His plan.  All of my worries and striving is for nothing in the sight of His awesome scope and power.  He named each of the stars and set them in their place.  NOTHING is out of place.  I definitely needed this reminder and once again I find myself wonderstruck at The work of His hands.


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