Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pixie Dust

Today's Wonderstuck Wednesday Challenge was to pray for Pixie Dust and watch to see how God would answer.  Margaret Feinberg challenged us to ask God to shower you with his grace, favor, and delight. 

As I have reflected throughout the day, I can see that God showered me with just that.  He showed me His love and joy throughout the day.  
  • In a good workout this morning.
  • With a compliment from my dad.
  • With time making cards with Mom.
  • Seeing the beauty of God's creation in those cards,
  • A sacred echo in the form of a scripture verse.  Psalm 16:11 (It's the third time this week.)
  • In the Joy of The Lord.
  • In the Presence of God.
  • In the beauty of the night sky.
  • In the remembered phrase of a speaker saying the words of God: "I LOVE you, I LOVE you, I LOVE you!
  • In the words of a song.   
  • In the quiet rest of the end of the day.
God's wonder has filled me with Joy, Love, and Peace.


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