Friday, March 22, 2013

The Hand of God

Today was hard...Today I had to choose joy...I had to search for wonder...but God showed up.

It's amazing how you see the Hand of God when you're looking for it.  It's easy to miss, but He's always there.  Just ask Him to show you:

In a joyful morning ride to work with a song or two to sing.
In a lesson well taught and good grades proved.
In the compliment of an administrator.
In the hug of a child.
In the wisdom of a friend (even if you don't like the suggestion).
In a handwritten note.
In a request granted.
In the perfect song at the perfect time.
In a prayer that feels as if it came from heaven itself.
In the quiet peace and ensuing rest.

Thank you Lord for being there with me today.  Thank you for the promise that you will always be there.  Thank you for showing your hand in my every day happenings.  Thank you for reminding me to "choose joy".  Thank you for providing that joy. Amen.


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