Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge Part 2

Here's the Second Half of my List:

  1. My family - they have made me into who I am today.
  2. My Dad - He didn't have to join our family, but he did.  I know God placed him in my life and I am a stronger person because of it.
  3. My Mom - She is my inspiration and my confidant,  I know I can go to her for anything and she is always there for me.
  4. The truth of God's Word - there is always the perfect verse at the perfect time.
  5. Music - Again God always gives me nuggets of truth in songs that I hear and songs thatI remember.  It's always at just the right time.
  6. My Church Family - God has placed me in the Church He wants me to be in. I am able to serve and love others with my unique talents there.  I am sharpened and refined by hose around me.
  7. My Bible Study Gang - God is showing us new things every week.  It is a privilege to see God's hand in each of their lives and to see how God is knitting all of us together as Friends.
  8. The opportunities for travel - God provides opportunities for me to see the world around me and experience more of Him on each trip I take.
  9. My students - I see God's wonder displayed in the lives of my students and their learning each and every day.
  10. Nature - I see the wonder of God every time I step outside my door.  All of creation cries His glory.
  11. Books - I love to read and it is not uncommon for me to hear the sacred echo of God's teachings in whatever book I have my hands on.
  12. God's protection -  I am wounds truck at the ways God has protected me from harm over the years.
  13. God's blessings - I see His blessings in my life in small and big ways every day.

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